A process in which an impartial facilitator assists parties in a dispute or disagreement to discuss and agree on a resolution.

It is a respectful, informal yet structured, approach to solving conflict between individuals, groups, teams and departments.

It is confidential and voluntary.

Parties gain understanding and engage directly in creating a different, more positive future.



For the organisation it is a fast, effective, and best-value way to address disputes, ill-feeling, grievances, return-to-work, difficult disciplinary situations, allegations, potential leavers, poor teamwork, and other 'tricky' matters in the workplace.

For the parties it is a place to be fully heard and understood, to discuss the situation from his/her own perspective without being judged or blamed, to work towards achieving an end to the conflict and to jointly design a robust outcome which amplifies positive working.

It is less damaging to employees and the organisation than other traditional processes such as investigation, adjudication or litigation. It is a common sense and down to earth way of communicating.

Mediation is fast becoming the normal way to handle most workplace conflict.




The process is in four stages:

1. Preparation :
Mediator meets with parties individually, including ground rules.:

2. Understanding Issues :
All meet together and discuss, with the mediator's help, what the issues are, what impact these have had, and what their needs are.:

3. Developing Options:
Parties address the issues and jointly design potential solutions, with the help of the mediator. :

4. Reaching Agreement:
Potential solutions are distilled and the parties decide what is agreed. The mediator drafts a short agreement document for closure, though very occasionally parties prefer a verbal agreement.

Mediation is a short but intense intervention leading to better awareness and improved working relationships.


More details

Put simply, Brendan is one of the most experienced workplace mediators in action across Ireland and the U.K., and is recognised as one of the pioneers of the process.

Please note that mediation is also used in group/team settings, as well as between organisations. This can be a slightly longer process due to the numbers and complexities involved.

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